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John Myers at KQED News and his take on the recent passage of the state budget and the issue of redevelopment...

As part of the RDA Infill Coalition, Seifel has helped prepare two letters in support of important legislation aimed at "mending" and not "ending" redevelopment in California.
The RDA Infill Coalition is a statewide group of diverse interests from the housing, environmental, transit oriented development, economic and sustainable development sectors in support of affordable housing and redevelopment agencies.
See the letter to Senator Lowenthal here
See the letter to Assemblymember Alejo here

Seifel has been working with a coalition representing housing, infill building, business, environmental, and planning groups to retain and reform redevelopment. Coalition members are supporting proposed legislation to "mend not end" redevelopment.

Assembly Bill 1250, making significant redevelopment reforms and reducing the scale of future redevelopment efforts.

Senate Bill 450, accomplishing key housing reforms to enhance the production of affordable housing, especially to those in greatest need.
Please urge your Legislators to support AB 1250 and AB 450 and preserve redevelopment, California’s largest and most successful economic development and affordable housing program.