Presented by Libby Seifel during CALED Pre-Conference Training in April, 2008, regarding growing local economies through Public-private Partnerships (PPPs).
Presented by Libby Seifel to the California Redevelopment Institute in July, 2009. This presentation illustrates how Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) were used in the Berkeley Oxford Lot development.
Presented by Martin (Marty) Coren (The HDL Companies), Lee Rosenthal (Goldfarb & Lipman), Andrew (Andy) Hall, (Jones Hall), and Elizabeth (Libby) Seifel, Seifel Consulting Inc. to the California Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The presentation regards strategies in Tax Increment (TI) financing.  

Economic Development Techniques
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Libby Seifel presented an overview of economic development techniques at the April 2004 League of California Cities Planner’s Institute. She discussed how planners can encourage economic development in their communities using various economic development tools.
In March, 2001, Libby Seifel presented a witty musical interpretation ("Aesthetics,Banality and Style, A Musical Interpretation") on current urban design and form at the American Planning Association conference.
At a an October, 2003 California Association of Local Economic Development seminar, Libby Seifel presented federal, State, and local funding programs and tools to promote economic development.
In response to recent property rights ballot initiatives in Oregon and California, Jessica Zenk and Libby Seifel wrote an article for Northern News of the California chapter of the American Planning Association. The article highlights the complex fiscal and planning consequences of compensating property owners for changes in land use regulations, as required by the Napa County Measure A, Nevada County Measure D, and California Proposition 90. Although all of these California ballot measures were defeated, Oregon’s Ballot Measure 37 passed and has created a significant fiscal liability for cities and counties from pending compensations lawsuits. The article was informed by the economic analysis that Seifel Consulting conducted for the Election Code Section 9111 reports in both Napa and Nevada Counties.

Presented by Jessica Zenk and Pedro Peterson to the University of California, Berkeley, in March 2010.  This presentation includes pertinent information on:

  • Why Communities Use Redevelopment
  • Redevelopment Tools
  • Affordable Housing Requirements
  • Tax Increment Projections, and
  • Critical Perspectives/Discussion
Presented by Pedro Peterson and Jessica Zenk, March 2010.