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green boxSeifel Consulting has completed more than 500 assignments to help revitalize communities, create high quality infill developments and structure successful public-private partnerships. We collaborate with our clients to catalyze sustainable developments and master-planned communities that meet financial objectives, respect the environment and create enduring value. We support all phases of the community revitalization process from project planning through implementation.

Infill Development 
We evaluate the reuse and redevelopment potential of infill properties by analyzing market conditions, assessing development opportunities and constraints and measuring financial performance under alternative land use scenarios. We use this analysis to help identify catalyst infill development sites and formulate strategies to encourage redevelopment, secure public funding and attract private investment. We develop pro forma cash flow models to analyze financial feasibility and compare long-term revenue potential with up-front costs in order to assess future return on investment.

Public Private Partnerships
We help structure and negotiate successful public-private partnerships that align community and private sector goals. We work with public and private sector partners to articulate key project milestones, clarify the roles and responsibilities of each team member and equitably balance risks and returns. We also facilitate the preparation of a term sheet, focused on the successful achievement of the envisioned development concept, which serves as the framework for implementing legal documents. We also advise public agencies on how to solicit, evaluate and select potential development partners.

Community Revitalization and Redevelopment Strategies
We help our clients identify, plan and implement revitalization projects that address community needs and encourage private investment. Using an array of policy and financing tools, we analyze and craft strategies for urban land reuse and community revitalization. At scales from a single parcel to entire neighborhoods, we create insightful strategies to build thriving communities.
        Project Planning and Implementation
We identify viable financing, phasing and implementation strategies to enable successful revitalization projects. We conduct research and analysis to support the implementation of Infrastructure Financing Districts, Mello-Roos Community Facilities Districts, Assessment Districts, Business Improvement Districts/Community Benefit Districts, and other tools to finance revitalization. We have helped clients successfully apply for and secure a variety of grants and funding awards. We have also advised local agencies how to successfully navigate the changing landscape of redevelopment in California, including advising on the strategic repurpose or disposal of former redevelopment properties.

Community Conditions Assessments
We help our clients understand the physical, environmental, economic, and social assets and challenges present in their communities to identify opportunities for revitalization. We identify development opportunity sites along with infrastructure advantages and deficiencies.  We assess real estate market conditions through field surveys, technical studies and demographic analysis, utilizing GIS maps to provide a visual overview of community conditions.

Financial Advisory Services
We provide financial analysis and advisory services to support the implementation of revitalization projects, including preparing tax increment and other revenue projections, modeling debt obligations, administering revenue sharing agreements, and the fulfilling ongoing reporting requirements. We also provide fiscal consultant services to support bond issuance in concert with financial advisers, attorneys and underwriters.