Client: City of Livermore

Livermore’s network of social and human services plays a critical role in maintaining the health and safety of its residents and workers. Childcare, community care and senior service facilities are a vital resource, especially for lower-income and at-risk children, seniors and disabled residents. Recognizing the need to expand social and human service facilities that would meet the needs of future growth, the City of Livermore sought to establish a development impact fee to help meet these needs. 

 Seifel collaborated with City staff to develop a pioneering impact fee that would fund social and human service facilities needed for future residents and employees. Seifel evaluated the City’s existing network of childcare, community care and senior service facilities, identified the facilities needed to serve projected growth and developed a methodology to gauge the impacts of new development and set reasonable impact fees, as required by the Mitigation Fee Act. Seifel prepared a nexus study report proposing a Social and Human Service Facility Fee on new development and presented findings to Livermore’s City Council, detailing the benefits of the proposed fee.

The Livermore City Council adopted the fee in 2008. Seifel’s rigorous analytical approach and nexus study helped the City create a critical, new source of funding for social and human service facilities that will help meet the needs of its growing population and workforce for years to come.

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