Since 1990, Seifel has provided strategic real estate and economic advisory services to public and private sector clients. We have consulted on more than 500 assignments to help our clients meet complex urban growth challenges, maximize the value of real estate assets and realize economic goals. We leverage skills and knowledge gained from working on a myriad of projects. 

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Public Private Partnerships
Public Private Partnerships   Housing    
Seawall Lot 337 / Pier 48fipa_blue-box   South San Francisco's fipa_blue-box
Oyster Point
  Richmond Metro Walkfipa_blue-box
Transit Village
  Mountain View fipa_blue-box_2
North Bayshore
and Ameswell/Moffett Gateway
Client: Port of San Francisco   Client: City of
South San Francisco
  Client: City of Richmond   Client: City of Mountain View


Public Private Partnerships   Housing   Land Use Economics   Housing
Eastern Bayview/Alice Griffith fipa_blue-box
HUD Choice Neighborhood
  fipa_blue-box Affordable Housing
Policies and Programs
  fipa_blue-box Developments   fipa_blue-box Housing Advisory Services
Client: City of San Francisco   Client: San Francisco
Mayor's Office of Housing
  Client: Christian Church Homes
  Client: Santa Monica
Redevelopment Agency


Land Use Economics

  Public Private Partnerships    
Richmond Bayfipa_yellow-box
Specific Plan
  San Francisco Upper Marketfipa_yellow-box
Community Vision and
  National Cityfipa_yellow-box
Downtown Specific Plan
  Analysis of San Francisco's fipa_yellow-box
TDR Program
Client: City of Richmond   Client: San Francisco Planning   Client: National City   Client: City of San Francisco

Infill Development / Urban Land Reuse

Public Private Partnerships   Housing   Housing   Revitalization Strategies
Berkeley Brower Center / fipa_green-box_2
Oxford Plaza
  Hunters Point Shipyardfipa_green-box_2   San Francisco fipa_green-box_2
Transit Center District Plan
  Los Angeles Grand Avenuefipa_green-box_2
Client: City of Berkeley   Client: San Francisco
Redevelopment Agency
  Client: San Francisco
Planning Department
  Client: Community
Redevelopment Agency
of the City of Los Angeles


Revitalization Strategies

Revitalization Strategies   Public Private Partnerships   Land Use Economics   Revitalization Strategies
Bay Area Communityfipa_green-box_2
Capital Investment Initiative
  East Palo Alto Revitalizationfipa_green-box_2   Mission Bay Revitalizationfipa_green-box_2   Japantownfipa_green-box_2 Cultural Heritage
and Economic Sustainability
Client: Bay Area Council   Client: City of East Palo Alto   Client: San Francisco
Redevelopment Agency;
Catellus Corporation
  Client: San Francisco Planning

Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis-Reuse Analysis

Public Private Partnerships   Housing   Revitalization Strategies   Public Private Partnerships
South San Francisco fipa_yellow-box
Bay West Cove
Fiscal Impact Analysis
  Fiscal Impact Analysis of fipa_yellow-box
Napa Pipe
Master Planned Community
  East Sunnyvale fipa_yellow-box
Fiscal Impact Analysis
Peer Review
and Market Assessment
  Hercules fipa_yellow-box
Sycamore Crossing
Fiscal Impact Analysis
Client: City of
South San Francisco
  Client: Napa County
and the City of Napa
  Client: City of Sunnyvale   Client: City of Hercules

Funding Strategies

Revitalization Strategies   Revitalization Strategies   Revitalization Strategies   Revitalization Strategies
Eastern Neighborhoods fipa_red-box
Impact Fee Nexus Study
  Moraga Impact Feefipa_red-box
  Livermore Social and fipa_red-box
Human Service Facility
Fee Nexus Study
  Municipal Transportation fipa_red-box
Agency Nexus Study
Client: City of San Francisco   Client: City of Moraga   Client: City of Livermore   Client: San Francisco
Municipal Transportation

Transit Oriented Development

Public Private Partnerships   Housing   Revitalization Strategies   Revitalization Strategies
fipa_blue-boxTransbay Transit Center
Economic and Real Estate
  San Jose Diridonfipa_blue-box
Station Area Plan
  Atherton Placefipa_blue-box
  Moving Silicon Valleyfipa_blue-box
Forward: Housing, Transit
and Traffic at a Crossroad
Client: City and County of
San Francisco,
Transbay Joint Powers
  Client: City of San Jose   Client: City of Hayward   Client: NPH and Urban Habitat