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Seifel Consulting uses the analytical tools of real estate and urban economics to perform due diligence and determine the best development, acquisition and management strategies for our clients. We advise on a variety of development types, including residential, retail, office, hotel, industrial and mixed-use developments that blend a variety of product types. Among Seifel’s specializations is a focus on infill development and public private partnerships that promote transit oriented development and redevelop former military bases, urban waterfronts, commercial corridors and brownfield sites.

Site Analysis
We evaluate properties in terms of location, access, zoning, carrying capacity, infrastructure needs and environmental impact. We help clients devise development or reuse options and evaluate funding sources based on an analysis of the site’s opportunities and constraints, market potential, up-front cash requirements and projected net cash flow.

Market Research and Analysis
We analyze a variety of real estate markets, including office, retail, industrial and housing on both a local and regional level. We project potential demand for proposed uses, identify existing and future competition, and forecast revenues and absorption.

Investment Opportunity Identification and Analysis
We help clients identify potential real estate development opportunities. We prepare economic and market analyses to support property acquisition as part of potential portfolio investments. We identify projects that meet our client’s investment criteria, whether they are financial and/or social.
        Financial Feasibility
We project potential revenues and expenses, and calculate return on investment in order to determine whether projects meet client objectives. We also evaluate the debt/equity/subsidy requirements needed to make developments feasible for private developers, investors and public agencies.

Developer Solicitation, Evaluation and Negotiation
We help market properties, design and implement solicitation processes, and select capable development teams. We analyze proposed assumptions, methodologies, and financing options to help evaluate and select a proposal that best meets our client’s objectives. We advise on negotiation strategies and conduct due diligence on agreement terms.

Asset Management Strategies
We help clients determine whether properties should be developed, repositioned or reused. We evaluate when and/or whether to pursue leasing, ownership, joint development or sale opportunities.