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red boxSeifel Consulting has helped clients plan and build thousands of housing units. We advise on the development, rehabilitation, financing and preservation of market rate and affordable housing. Libby Seifel actively promotes best practice in housing, real estate development and urban revitalization through teaching, writing and educational activities. She served as an editor and author for the California Affordable Housing Handbook, among other publications.

Housing Needs and Market Assessment
We evaluate the need for affordable housing and target demand for market rate housing. We perform demographic analyses to assess housing demand by type of dwelling unit, special population group and income level.

Financial Feasibility and Affordability Gap Analysis
We project rent revenues, absorption, operating expenses and financing costs for various housing products to evaluate financial feasibility. We determine the ability of residents at different income levels to pay the typical cost of owning and renting within a community or market area. We also recommend appropriate levels of public assistance to developers and homeowners.

Housing Strategies and Program Design
We help communities prepare comprehensive housing strategies and develop affordable housing programs and policies. We prepare legislatively mandated Implementation Plans that address affordable housing production and need requirements, project funding resources, and recommend programs to meet agency objectives.
        Funding Strategies and Applications
We recommend the best sources for construction and permanent financing and subsidies, including private sources and tax exempt debt. We help public agencies and developers research and apply for federal and state funding, including HOPE VI grants and Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Inclusionary Housing Programs
We work with cities to design and evaluate inclusionary housing ordinances and policies. In addition, we work with developers to devise financially feasible means of developing mixed-income housing, either through building affordable housing or through contributions to a housing fund.

Rent Stabilization and Mediation
We evaluate the potential impact of changes in rent control regulations and calculate allowable "Annual General Adjustments" in rents. We perform economic and policy analyses of rent stabilization programs and advise on the preservation of affordability in mobile home parks.