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yellow boxOur economic analysis and strategic planning work is a catalyst for changing the economic well being of an area. Seifel Consulting helps clients understand the financial consequences of their policies and actions. For example, we’ve projected the fiscal and economic impacts on local communities from military base conversions, master planned communities, and mixed-use developments. These analyses help shape community negotiations between the public and private sector.

Economic Development and Revitalization Strategies
We help clients assess opportunities and formulate strategies for business attraction and retention, job creation, revenue augmentation, and community revitalization. We help public agencies identify and market their assets, prepare requests for proposals, evaluate submittals and recommend terms of development agreements.

Fiscal and Economic Impact Analyses
We perform fiscal impact analyses, providing public clients with a tool for understanding the economic consequences of proposed development on their budgets. We model anticipated fiscal revenues, operating expenses and capital costs related to the buildout of proposed projects. We analyze local and regional economic impacts, helping to quantify the job and wage generation from proposed developments.

Public Financing Strategies
We analyze public financing techniques such as assessment districts, Mello Roos special taxes and redevelopment tax increment, to determine when and how they can be best utilized. We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques, as well as their funding potential for redevelopment agencies, special districts, municipalities and developers.
  Public Policy Analysis
We perform policy analysis to help public clients understand the economic consequences of alternative policy actions, particularly the cost of a proposed development versus its long-term benefits to the community. In performing such cost/benefit analyses, we also examine the economic effects on local and regional governments and an area's economy by estimating impacts on property value, retail sales, income and employment.

Impact Fee Analysis (Nexus Studies)
We perform impact fee analysis to determine the appropriate share of public facilities that new development should help fund, recognizing that impact fees cannot pay for existing deficiencies. We perform calculations of public service and capital facility impact fees for both comprehensive and annual updates of municipal fees. 

Litigation Support 
We work with our clients and their legal counsel to understand the economic implications of legal disputes and advise upon the best response to litigation. We provide in-depth research, rigorous analysis and thorough expert witness reports with a focus on clear documentation and cogent testimony.  Our firm president and managing consultants are qualified to serve as expert witnesses in both state and federal courts. We have served as economic advisors and expert witnesses on a broad range of real estate, economic, redevelopment, public finance, planning and housing disputes.